U.S. Senator John McCain: ‘Maybe I’ll be gone before you hear this… but I’m prepared’

Senator John McCain has been struggling health-wise lately, but I doubt many thought it was this bad.

During a recent interview, McCain appeared to be readying everyone for his passing, stating, “I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here.”

McCain Preparing Himself

The stunningly open interview is not going to be made public in full until later this month.

McCain several times indicated that his time to pass may be here soon.

About the interview, he stated, “Maybe I’ll be gone before you hear this.”

He continued, “My predicament is, well, rather unpredictable.”

Still Wants to be Heard

The statements from McCain were pulled from a collaborative effort he is working on with Mark Shelter.

“The Restless Wave” is expected to come out on May 22.

McCain reminisces about old friendships, current world situations, and of course, President Trump.

He comes off almost longing for his own passing, but not before he gets to go home one more time.

McCain stated, “I’d like to go back to our valley and see the creek run after the rain, and hear the cottonwoods whisper in the wind.”

He also talks of being reunited with his “old friend Chuck Larson in the cemetery on the Severn (River) back where it began.”

More Trump Attacks?

There is little doubt McCain will want some of his dying words to be about his ongoing battle with President Trump.

McCain and Trump have never seen eye-to-eye, even after the President pushed out several olive branches to the Senator.

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McCain has always considered himself a conservative, but his recent stances tend to be at best, middle of the road, and that is being kind.

While we wish the Senator comfort during this time, we also hope he does not use his dying words to create more divisiveness in this country.

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