John McCain will discontinue cancer treatments, family says in statement

The news everyone has been expecting for months has finally arrived.

Senator John McCain is dead at 81. 

Sad Days

McCain has been battling cancer since last July.

It was then he announced he had a very aggressive form of brain cancer.

In the following months, McCain continued his fighting spirit, but eventually, the disease started to win.

McCain was always facing an uphill battle, though, especially considering his age and the aggressive nature of the disease.

Earlier yesterday, his family announced that he was ceasing medical treatment. Shortly thereafter, he was dead.

Life of Service

Even if you do not agree with his politics, it is hard to argue McCain’s dedication to his principles.

The man started his service to his country as a naval aviator.

During his service with the Navy, he was shot down and spent several years in the Hanoi Hilton.

His selfishness during that time has made him a hero in most people’s eyes.

After his naval service, McCain moved into the public service, eventually winning his senate seat.

McCain has always been well-respected in the Senate.

So much so, that he would eventually win the Republican nod in the presidential election of 2000.

It was during the election some conservatives started to feel somewhat betrayed by McCain.

McCain refused to sling mud against Obama during the election, and many believe it cost him in the end.

In recent years, McCain has had a friendlier approach to immigration that most conservatives, creating a definite divide both within the party as well as his constituents.

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That divide has never been more apparent than the days of the Trump presidency, of which McCain has been extremely critical, even while battling cancer.

If one can say anything about McCain, it is that he remained true to himself, true to his morals, and true to his convictions with every breath he had.

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