Report: McCain bars Trump from attending his funeral services

President Donald Trump and Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain were engaged in a bitter feud since at least 2015, when McCain disparaged Trump’s primary supporters as “crazies” and Trump responded by calling into question McCain’s status as a “war hero.”

That feud only intensified over the years since then, and it appears that it will continue even past the senator’s death from brain cancer — apparently, McCain specifically prohibited Trump from attending his funeral and memorial services as a final blow to the president from beyond the grave.

Bitter to the end

According to CNN — who was only too happy to perpetuate the feud even after McCain’s death — the ailing senator requested that he be eulogized after his death by former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the two men who defeated McCain’s two attempts to obtain the presidency.

That request was paired with a prohibition against Trump speaking or even being in attendance at any sort of service for McCain, a “snub” of the president that CNN reveled in.

“If those plans hold,” CNN analyst Stephen Collinson wrote, “McCain will be sending a clear final message to Trump, after making clear when he was alive that he saw the President’s demeanor, populist style, and global outlook as antithetical to America’s founding values and global role.”

It is unlikely that Trump will make an appearance while McCain lies in state in Arizona and at the National Cathedral in Washington, and later when the former prisoner of war is laid to rest at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Trump’s Catch-22

Likely owing to the bitter feud between the two, Trump has said almost nothing about McCain since his death, save for a tweet offering condolences and sympathy to the late senator’s grieving family.

That simple and respectful tweet has been harshly criticized by the liberal media as not enough. Some picked Trump apart for not referring to McCain as a “hero” or offering high praise to the Navy captain for his service to the country both militarily and politically.

But we all know that if Trump had instead issued some sort of statement effusively praising McCain’s life and service, he would have been called hypocritical and his intentions behind the message would’ve been called into question by the media.

So Trump stuck with a simple message of support for McCain’s family, knowing he would be smeared as heartless, insincere, and uncaring by the media regardless of what he said (or didn’t say).

The most ironic part of this whole situation is that just 10 short years ago, McCain was absolutely brutalized by the liberal media when he ran for president against Obama, and he was smeared as mentally unfit to lead the country, an unrepentant racist, and “literally Hitler” — the exact same sort of smears Trump faced in 2016.

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Yet, as harsh as the media was to McCain in 2008, they warmed back up to him after he opposed the tea party insurgency on the right in 2010, and they fell in absolute love with him once he made his opposition to Trump known.

In the end, it will be the liberal media and political establishment who offer praise and tribute to McCain — not the president and his legion of supporters who were derisively dismissed so often by the likes of McCain, the media, and the bipartisan establishment.

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