McCabe apologized to investigators for lying about media leak, new documents show

Justice is finally catching up with former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe.

This week, transcripts were released showing that McCabe admitted to lying to federal investigators about leaking to the media and apologized for it.


McCabe is an ex-FBI director thanks to former attorney general Jeff Sessions. On March 16th, 2018, Sessions fired McCabe because he made “an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor — including under oath — on multiple occasions.”

Let’s quickly flashback to October 2016. At that time, the FBI had begun conducting a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, and, somehow, sensitive information about the investigation was leaked to the Wall Street Journal. Who was the leak?

Well, it obviously wasn’t McCabe. After all, he said he wasn’t, in a May 2017 interview with investigators. Instead, McCabe told his agents to keep looking for the leaker.

The problem, for them, however, was that the leaker was indeed McCabe. We know this because FBI investigators say he eventually admitted it in an August 2017 interview.

McCabe caught

We now have the documents to prove that McCabe was a liar. The documents, containing transcripts of interviews with McCabe, were finally released thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request from watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

The New York Post summarized a key part of the documents, relating one agent’s interview with McCabe, after it became clear that McCabe was the leaker.

“I remember saying to [McCabe], I said, ‘Sir, you understand that we’ve put a lot of work into this based on what you told us,’” the agent said.

“I mean, and I even said, long nights and weekends working on this, trying to find out who amongst your ranks of trusted people would, would do something like that….’ [McCabe] kind of just looked down, kind of nodded, and said ‘Yeah I’m sorry.'”

Looking forward

The question that we all want to know is if McCabe is known to have lied to the FBI in this way, then why has he not been charged with a crime?

Whether he has been let off the hook or whether his day of justice is still to come, especially now that the documents are public, is unclear. But, now with proof of his lying, it surely is no surprise that he is working for CNN — he’ll fit right in.

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