Report: McCabe ‘lacked candor’ – under oath

Facts are finally starting to roll in about the real reason Andrew McCabe was fired.

The DOJ Inspector General reportedly stated Andrew McCabe violated DOJ policy by leaking information to the press as well as lying under oath, both felony crimes. 

Sealing the Leaks

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions made it very clear he had a huge task assigned to him when he took office.

Trump made it clear he wanted leaks stopped at all costs.

As the leaks were investigated, it became very clear McCabe had a target on his back.

Sadly, the leaking was not a one-off thing, either.

McCabe was regularly feeding the press information to suit his person agenda.

More Than Press Leaks

According to several reports, McCabe was not just leaking to the press.

While giving testimony, McCabe had “lacked candor.”

That is a polite way of saying that he was lying.

Above the Law

McCabe thought he could escape responsibility by retiring early.

However, Jeff Sessions was quick to find out McCabe had been less than genuine while serving in the Justice Department.

Only days before he would have been set with retirement benefits, McCabe was terminated.

Democrats, once again, started to cry foul.

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In addition, they started to clamor for charges of obstruction of justice against President Trump.

As more information has been revealed, the decision to remove him has been validated.

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