Legal expert: McCabe Should Be Worried About Going to Prison

McCabe released a statement after he was canned by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but he made a major mistake in doing so, because he openly admitted to leaking information to the press.

In a recent post, George Washington University School of Law Professor Jonathan Turley compared the McCabe firing to that of Flynn, stating, “Of course, Flynn is looking at a question of prison rather than a pension.”

His implication in this matter is quite clear… a pension should be the last thing McCabe is worried about because what he did is far worse than Flynn and he absolutely should be looking at jail time.

Firing Demanded by Justice Department Career Officers

One of the misconceptions about the McCabe firing is that it was either Donald Trump or Attorney General Jeff Sessions recommending that McCabe be fired.

While Sessions is the one that pulled the trigger, a move applauded by President Trump, it was actually McCabe’s own counterparts that recommended the move.

They were so outraged by his dishonesty and information leaks, they wanted him gone.

More importantly, they wanted him gone immediately so he would not receive one red cent of his pension.

Flynn Vs. McCabe

As Turley noted, these two cases run parallel in several areas, most notably in Flynn making false statements to investigators.

If investigators believe that McCabe lied to them in regard to the media leaks about the Clinton investigation, what makes this case any different than that of Flynn?

Turley is dead right in that McCabe should now be under investigation for this rather than pitching his case in public about losing his pension.

This just goes to show the difference in today’s Justice Department between how a Trump ally is dealt with compared to someone that would appear to be a Clinton ally, or at the very least, a RINO that is against Trump.

Bringing McCabe to Justice

The first step in making this wrong right has already been taken by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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Now that McCabe has been terminated, Sessions needs to fully investigate his behavior regarding these leaks to the media.

In a perfect world, both he and Comey would be sharing a table on the defense’s side of the courtroom looking down the barrel of some serious jail time for their crimes against We the People.

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