Mayorkas claims open borders, power for Biden are 'American values'

 December 8, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A website,, which offers support for students and teachers, discusses American values as including liberty, unity, diversity, individualism, equality, and self-government.

It explains, "Various cultures have different values, but American values can be very accommodating for all. American values refer to the constitutionally-determined code of conduct. The American values definition implies that America is a place where certain ethical and legal standards have to be met. Governed by the rule of law, there are laws that American citizens and non-American residents alike have to adhere to. American values emphasize individuals being responsible for their identities and destiny through their thoughts, choices, and capabilities."

However, Alejandro Mayorkas, Joe Biden's pick to be the secretary of Homeland Security, apparently believes that wide-open borders and unlimited illegal immigration are American values.

And a lack of any law enforcement regarding the nation's immigration and asylum laws.

And unlimited presidential power to do, well, whatever he wants to protect illegal aliens.

The stunning opinions come from Mayorkas himself.

RNC Research posted the Mayorkas video, explaining he "says building a border wall, increasing the number of Border Patrol agents, limiting asylum, and narrowing Biden's power to parole illegal immigrants is 'violence to our fundamental values.'"

The GOP already has proposed legislation to do that. Mayorkas resisted, stating, "I would say two things. One we've presented, uhm, uhm, proposals that address the situation that provide real practical solutions and also do not do violence to our fundamental values.

"We are a country of refuge. We do have asylum laws. We do have refugee laws. We, uhm, we abide by our international obligations and are longstanding," he said. said, "American values were developed over numerous years, taking into consideration various cultural beliefs and their historical significance. The purpose of American values is to facilitate the assimilation of myriads of individuals from various parts of the world with different cultures and beliefs into a comprehensive American identity."

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