L.A. mayor accused of ignoring sexual misconduct allegations against top adviser

Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has been a prominent surrogate for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and has been floated as a possible cabinet member or adviser in a prospective Biden administration.

That may come crashing down, however, as two people have accused Garcetti of being aware of and even witness to repeated acts of sexual misconduct by his top advisor Rick Jacobs, but did nothing about it, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Inaction from Garcetti

In July, a lawsuit was filed against the city of Los Angeles by Los Angeles Police Department officer Matthew Garza who had formerly served on Garcetti’s security detail.

Garza alleged that Jacobs had made crass sexual remarks about him and had touched him inappropriately on numerous occasions, and that these incidents had often occurred in full view of other people, including the mayor.

“Garcetti was present on approximately half of the occasions when Jacobs behaved in this way, and witnessed Jacobs’ conduct, but he took no action to correct Jacobs’ obviously harassing behavior,” the suit alleges. Furthermore, the suit alleged, “On some occasions, the mayor would laugh at Jacobs’ crude comments.”

Corroboration from another alleged victim

In a Substack forum, freelance journalist Yashar Ali also alleged that he was repeatedly harassed and sexually assaulted by Jacobs during his time as a Democratic operative in California. The LA Times noted that Ali had served as deputy chief of staff for then-San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, prior to Newsom becoming governor.

In a thread of tweets Monday night, Ali revealed that, according to multiple unnamed sources, Garcetti had been aware of and witness to Jacobs’ acts of sexual assault and harassment for at least six years, yet Garcetti has kept Jacobs in his influential position by the mayor’s side.

Ali further revealed that the allegations put forward by Officer Garza were “familiar” to him because it was in line with his own experience of being assaulted and harassed by Jacobs — such as being forcibly kissed — when they were both running in the same California Democratic circles.

He also noted that, at the time the Garza lawsuit was filed, he had reached out to both Jacobs and Garcetti’s office to give them an opportunity to respond before he made his allegations public. But three months later, there was no word from Garcetti and Jacobs still had his job.

Potential Biden cabinet member

A recent article from Vox detailed the swirling speculation about the expected “diversity” of a Biden cabinet and administration and the rumored names said to be in line for various top positions.

Garcetti’s name was featured as the top contender to be the secretary of the Department of Transportation if Biden were to win the election.

That seems highly unlikely now in the wake of the allegations against Jacobs, and if what both Ali and Garza have alleged is true — that Garcetti witnessed Jacobs’ behavior and did nothing about it — then the mayor will be lucky if he has any sort of political career at all once the dust has settled.

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