Atlanta mayor: Georgia’s recent reopening ‘not as bad’ as she expected

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R), caught an intense amount of grief when he announced in late April that he had begun reopening the state following coronavirus-related business closures and stay-at-home orders.

One of Kemp’s fiercest critics was Atlanta’s Democratic mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, but even she acknowledged Monday that the aftermath of reopening was “not as bad as [she] thought that it would be,” The Washington Times reported.

Democrat confesses…sort of

The mayor’s likely reluctant admission came during an appearance on MSNBC for an interview with co-hosts Brian Williams and Nicole Wallace to discuss what was happening in her state.

Williams actually brought up Bottoms’ prior critiques of Kemp’s plan to reopen as being too soon and too dangerous, and noted that she promised to publicly admit at a later date if her dire predictions of increased coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths turned out to be wrong.

“Is it a little muddier than being able to say, ‘I was right’ or ‘I was wrong’?” Williams asked, according to the Times. “Are we, as of the time of this conversation, somewhere in the middle, do you think?”

Bottoms: “Not as bad as I thought”

Somewhat surprisingly, Bottoms admitted, “Well, what I can say, Brian, is it’s not as bad as I thought that it would be. So, I am pleased about that, but I still think it’s too soon to say.

“The reason being, whereas initially, we were seeing increases between deaths and people testing positive, rising anywhere from 25 to 30% over a seven-day period. Right now we’re somewhere between 12 and 15%,” the mayor continued.

“And it’s better than it was, but it’s still not great. We’ve still not seen that 14-day decline, as recommended by the CDC,” she added. “So we’re not quite there where I can say that we are out of the woods, because we are not.”

Moving forward

The remainder of the segment featured Bottoms discussing with Wallace the topics of increased testing for the virus and the potential for what is known as “contact tracing” to find and inform anyone who’d been in recent contact with someone who tested positive.

They also discussed the various best practices that were being discovered and fine-tuned by business owners in terms of utilizing personal protective equipment and sanitation measures to ensure the health and safety of costumers. You can watch the entire interview right here:

This Democratic mayor all but accused her Republican governor of placing their state’s residents in grave danger by lifting restrictions too soon, but even she has had to admit that things did not turn out nearly as terribly as was predicted. But we won’t hold our breath waiting for the rest of Gov. Kemp’s critics to do the same.

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