Mayor de Blasio announces city-wide vax mandate for children as young as 5

In what many are calling a desperate attempt to garner headlines as he prepares to leave office, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) made yet another stunning vaccine mandate announcement this week, ordering children as young as 5 to be vaccinated in order to enter restaurants and other indoor venues. 

According to Fox5 NY, the latest de Blasio mandate came just days after he ordered a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all private sector businesses in New York City, which totals roughly 184,000 businesses, leaving those to be affected by the mandate confused and worried about implementation.

Children aged between 5 and 11 will now be required to have at least one vaccination shot in order to enjoy routine, daily activities like eating out or attending indoor sporting events.

In addition, children in that age group will also be required to be vaccinated in order to participate in extra-curricular activities such as band, orchestra, and sports.

Why do this now?

It’s not a secret that de Blasio loves the media limelight, even if it results in negative coverage. That seems to be especially true given he only has weeks left in office before Mayor-elect Eric Adams takes the helm.

That aside, the radical liberal mayor insisted that the extreme announcement is due to the emergence of the omicron variant, even though current data clearly shows it’s a mild form of the virus and hasn’t taken hold of the nation as most of the media predicted last week in their attempts to fearmonger millions of Americans into yet another lockdown mode.

“We have to assume it’s going to be widespread,” de Blasio said of omicron, completely ignoring available data and science. “We have to assume it’s going to give us a real challenge.”

De Blasio said also that the mandate is necessary as the cold weather season sets in and more people stay inside, especially around the holidays.

“There is no logic”

Zachary Faria, a commentary fellow for the Washington Examiner, excoriated de Blasio in an op-ed this week in which he slammed the mayor for feeding “into hysteria over the omicron variant at the cost of people’s jobs.”

“There is no logic here other than the twisted principle of using power just because he can,” Faria wrote.

He added: “Perhaps de Blasio is lashing out at New Yorkers on his way out the door because of how broadly despised he is, so much so that his successor, Eric Adams, ran against de Blasio on crime as much as he ran against any of his opponents in the Democratic primary.”

Adams, thankfully, has not yet committed to enforcing such a ridiculous mandate, and it would behoove him to cancel it altogether when he enters office because if he doesn’t, he’ll spend his first year in office battling countless lawsuits that he — and the city — will likely lose.

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