Mayor Adams claims NYC migrant crisis has no connection with sanctuary city status

 January 14, 2024

New York City Mayor Eric Adams dismissed the notion that the migrant crisis faced by the city was an inevitable consequence of its status as a sanctuary city.

Republican governors, such as Greg Abbott of Texas, have redirected buses of asylum seekers to Democratic-controlled states and sanctuary cities, asserting that this action is essential to highlight the challenges faced by border states due to the surge in migrants.

Haley's attack

In a recent GOP primary debate, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley argued that the overwhelming migrant crisis in Democratic cities was an expected outcome of impractical policies, proposing the need to defund sanctuary cities.

Mayor Adams responded to these claims during an appearance on "Good Morning America," disputing the connection between sanctuary cities and the migrant crisis.

He emphasized that migrants and asylum seekers are paroled into the country legally, and national leaders should possess accurate knowledge of policies.

Adams rewrites the narrative

Adams criticized Haley on the topic and clarified that the issue arises when individuals are paroled into the country without a national-level decompression strategy to distribute them evenly.

He argued that major cities, even though well-equipped, cannot handle the magnitude of migrants arriving. Adams highlighted the strain on resources, stating that New York City receives an average of 2,500 to 4,000 migrants per week, creating a $12 billion hole in the budget.

This influx impacts services, housing, education, healthcare, and low-income residents.

The growing crisis

The mayor warned that sustaining such levels of migration is unsustainable and expressed concern about the visualization of the crisis affecting the city's economy.

Adams previously refuted claims that migrants were sent to New York City due to its sanctuary status, emphasizing that people are paroled into the country legally.

He highlighted the city's obligation to provide housing while asserting that the "right to shelter" rules were not intended to force the city to accommodate unprecedented waves of asylum seekers.

As New York City grapples with the challenges posed by the migrant crisis, Mayor Adams contends that addressing such a national crisis requires a comprehensive approach beyond the capabilities of individual cities.

Haley's attacks are more accurate than Adams is willing to admit, with New York City's sanctuary city status serving as a major reason behind Abbott's efforts to bus migrants to his state, adding to already high migrant numbers moving to the city.

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