Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in federal prison

Former British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted of aiding deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in sex trafficking the young girls he abused, was scheduled to learn her fate at a sentencing hearing Tuesday.

During that hearing, Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for a host of crimes related to her “recruiting and grooming teenage girls” on behalf of Epstein, NBC News reported.

In addition to that 20-year sentence, Judge Alison Nathan also hit the 60-year-old Maxwell with five years of supervised release plus a $750,000 fine when or if she is eventually released from prison after completing her term.

20 years in prison plus supervised release and hefty fine

NBC News noted that Maxwell addressed the court prior to sentencing and issued an apology to the girls she had helped Epstein abuse over the years. “I also want to acknowledge I have been convicted with helping Jeffrey Epstein with his crimes,” Maxwell admitted. “It is the greatest regret of my life that I ever met Jeffrey Epstein.”

Judge Nathan appeared unmoved, however, and pointed out that Maxwell hadn’t really accepted responsibility for what she had done even as she reiterated that Maxwell “directly and repeatedly, and over the course of many years, was involved in a horrific scheme.”

One of the prosecutors, U.S. Attorney Damien Williams, said in a statement, “Today’s sentence holds Ghislaine Maxwell accountable for perpetrating heinous crimes against children. This sentence sends a strong message that no one is above the law and it is never too late for justice.”

Prosecutors sought up to 55 years; defense asked for only five years

Fox News reported Monday that federal prosecutors had requested that Judge Nathan sentence Maxwell to anywhere from 30-55 years in prison for the “monstrous” crimes she helped perpetrate and her “instrumental role in the horrific sexual abuse of multiple young teenage girls.”

Maxwell was arrested in July 2020 and has been held in federal custody ever since. She was ultimately convicted in late 2021 on multiple charges related to sex trafficking crimes in association with Epstein that occurred between 1994 and 2004.

Incredibly, her defense lawyers had asked the judge to only issue a five-year prison sentence based on the assertion that she shouldn’t have to pay the whole cost for crimes committed at the direction of Epstein.

Suicide watch

Epstein, of course, essentially dodged accountability for his criminal acts against young girls by way of committing suicide while being held in a New York City jail in 2019 after he was arrested and charged.

Ironically enough, ABC News had reported that Maxwell had been placed on suicide watch by jail authorities over the weekend just days ahead of the sentencing hearing, a move her lawyer decried as unwarranted given that Maxwell was determined by an outside psychologist to not be suicidal.

It remains unclear if Maxwell will continue to be held in solitary confinement on suicide watch now that her sentence of 20 years in prison has been handed down.

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