Rediscovered video from 1998 shows Maxine Waters opposing Clinton’s impeachment

California Rep. Maxine Waters has become famous in the past year as she has screamed for the impeachment of President Donald Trump based on no reason other than the fact that she is angry that he won the 2016 presidential election.

Now a video has resurfaced of Rep. Waters in 1998 in the same brash and unhinged fashion, rallying against the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

Think Of The Troops..

In her 1998 speech Rep. Waters said that former President Clinton was innocent of the crimes he was charged with, a lie, but more than that, she questioned the morale of troops that hear their president being attacked.

“How must our American soldiers feel to have their commander-in-chief under attack while they are engaged in battle? They have the right to feel betrayed and undermined,” she said.

Yes. Rep. Waters they do feel betrayed every time you shout to impeach the commander-in-chief because you are angry that your candidate did not win.

She blamed Republicans for wanting to oust a duly elected president and suggested there was a Christian conspiracy.

A Christian Conspiracy.

Rep. Waters said that the Republicans were distorting the rule of law with the goal of attacking the Clintons, and it was Christians who were behind it.

“Bill and Hillary Clinton are the real targets, and the Republicans are the vehicles being used by the right-wing Christian Coalition extremists to direct and control our culture,” she said.

“The rule of law has been violated in denying the president notice of charges, by the abuse of power in the collecting of so-called “evidence” and the denial of the presumption of innocence,” she continued.

“President Clinton is not guilty of the trumped up charges presented in these four articles of impeachment. Yes, Bill Clinton is guilty of certain indiscretions in his private life. However, he did not commit high crimes and misdemeanors,” she said.

Rep. Waters either forgot that speech or she is the partisan, opportunist hack many have assumed she is.

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Every word she said could be applied to what Democrats are doing to President Trump currently, but there is one major caveat.

President Trump has not been proven to have committed a crime and President Clinton was.

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