Maxine Waters says unrest in Democrat party over impeachment

Maxine Waters wanted Donald Trump impeached before he ever sat behind the Resolute Desk for the first time.

Now, Waters is hinting there is some unrest in the party over the lack of forward movement towards the impeachment of President Trump.

Keep Going

Democrats are being challenged by President Trump to put up or shut up. Trump called off an infrastructure meeting prior to departing for Japan because of the slew of House investigations against him.

Most of these investigations appear to be nothing more than a do-over of the Mueller investigation with Democrats in charge.

Trump is willing to sit down with Democrats, but not if they continue to push impeachment.

Maxine Waters is among a cohort of Democrats that wants to keep pushing forward, even if it means nothing else gets accomplished.

Grumblings in the Party

Waters stated, “I think that we should continue down the path of exercising our responsibility for oversight and investigation.

“And, at the same time, there is a growing unrest in the Democratic Caucus where there are some members who say simply let’s do an inquiry, a resolution of inquiry, which would give us the opportunity to have a decision made going through our committees about whether or not there is room for an impeachment.”

The problem, though, is that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is hesitant to push the issue, and for good reason.

Nancy Pelosi is not an idiot. She knows there simply is no way an impeachment effort would be successful right now.

Waters wants to be able to go to her constituents in her next re-election bid to say “I tried,” and nothing more. Forget the taxpayer money that gets wasted in the process and forget the fact that the government has come to a screeching halt.

In Waters’ eyes and in the eyes of any Democrat supporting impeachment, they simply want to be able to have a good war story to brag about and say, “I tried to impeach Donald Trump.”

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