Maxine Waters Took Money from Firm Her Committee Regulates

Maxine Water’s has been on her soapbox judging both conservatives and Donald Trump for months, but it turns out she is the one that needs to be judged.

Congressional Candidate Omar Navarro pointed out yet another Waters scandal when he sent out a tweet pointing out Waters took over $14,000 from Rock Holdings.

Why This Is a Problem

Maxine Waters is a ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee.

As such, she needs to be above water on any donations and should not be accepting any money from financial services which she technically oversees, at least as far as the government is concerned.

By taking money from Rock Holdings, which is now Quicken Loans, she could possibly rule favorably or be involved in legislation that could positively impact the company.

In short, she should NOT be accepting any donations from any company she is tasked with overseeing.

Not the First Time

Scandals are a definite part of Waters’ past.

She has no problem wielding her power to benefit either herself or those close to her.

When the financial crisis of 2008 hit, she used her influence to benefit her husband and a bank of which he was a shareholder.

Waters called Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and urged him to meet with minority-owned banks.

The Treasury Department eventually caved to Waters demand, and OneUnited, not surprisingly, was the only bank at the meeting.

When the bailout money arrived, OneUnited had $12 million earmarked for its coffers.

Had the bank gone down, Waters and her husband would have lost a reported $350,000.

I guess it’s nice to have friends in high places.

Waters has and will continue to abuse the system if she is permitted to remain in office.

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Now that We the People have exposed her corruption, it is time to make her answer for her crimes, just as Omar Navarro suggests.

First we get her voted out of office, then we send her to jail!

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