Maxine Waters admits impeachment lacks sufficient public support

Democrat California Rep. Maxine “Impeach 45!” Waters has made her enmity for President Donald Trump abundantly clear, as she has demanded impeachment proceedings against him from the day he was sworn into office.

In a recent interview, however, Waters appeared to have backed off somewhat from her insistence on impeachment, citing a lack of public support for the move, though she left the door open to pursue impeachment at a later date.

Speaking with a reporter for the Cheddar media outlet, Waters said, “Listen, I do believe that our country is a bit unsettled because we have a president, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.”

Not enough on board

“We have people coming from all different directions in our society saying something is wrong,” she continued. “And members of California society want the members of Congress to do something about it.”

Unfortunately for Waters, public polling shows there is not nearly enough support among the people to sustain impeachment proceedings against President Trump — but Waters thinks those people who don’t support impeachment simply haven’t been paying enough attention.

“So, it’s not reflected yet in the way that it should be reflected in the polls, but I’m confident that as each day goes by, that as people learn more and more — and the Mueller report has helped an awful lot — people understand the things they’ve never heard before,” she added.

Waters to Trump: “Just resign”

“Many people will never read that report, but as we go through our constitutional responsibility of doing oversight and investigation in the six committees that have that responsibility with this investigation,” Waters said, reiterating that support for impeachment would grow as the American people learned more from the investigations.

“I’ve said, ya know, basically directed to the president, ‘Why don’t you just resign and save us the trouble,'” she continued. “Of course, he’s not gonna take my advice.”

Waters said she would keep doing what she had been doing — prompting a “conversation” about impeachment — and insisted, “The conversation has started, and it’s growing, and I’m looking forward to more members coming on.”

Exercise in futility

Maxine Waters has been screaming about impeachment since the moment Trump took office, if not before, and while she hasn’t entirely given up on the notion that Congress may attempt to remove the president via constitutional means, she does appear to have tapped the brakes on her push in that regard.

Given that the Senate is controlled by Republicans, an impeachment proceeding would likely fail to culminate in a conviction, and Trump would emerge stronger than ever, something many Democrats know to be true, even if they won’t admit it.

When Waters suggests that Trump “resign and save us the trouble,” it seems what she is really seeking is for the president to spare Democrats the prospect of a second Trump term, an outcome which a failed impeachment attempt would almost certainly produce.

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