Maxine Waters: Impeach Trump now, no further investigations needed

Even though the Mueller report exonerated President Donald Trump, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) still desperately wants to see him fired.

During an interview on MSNBC, Waters announced that she is for impeachment and doesn’t think Congress needs to do further investigations.

“If the Democrats cannot decide that they’re going to move with impeachment, I guess they’re going to go on with these investigations. How long are they going to go on with them? What more do they need to prove?” she said.

“I can only tell you, I, for one, have been for impeachment for a long time. I’m going to continue to be for impeachment,” she said.

Can They Impeach Trump?

Waters will more than likely put her signature on Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s (D-MI) impeachment papers if Pelosi ever puts them on the floor.

The House Speaker seems to be hesitant, though, because she knows this is all a pipedream at this point.

In all likelihood, the House does not even have the votes to move forward because they don’t have anything on Trump.

The problem for Democrats like Waters and Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is that they have been telling lies about Trump for so long, they actually believe the rhetoric they are spewing to be fact.

Changing Direction

While Waters will continue to get resistance from Democrat leadership on Trump, they might be on board with going after AG Barr. “I’m all for impeaching Barr,” Pelosi reportedly joked on Monday.

Once again, though, going after Barr is just wishful thinking. The Democrats are just upset that Barr is ignoring their subpoenas and not willing to turn over an unredacted version of the Mueller report because it is actually protected by law.

But Barr is right to withhold it. Congress is not entitled to see redacted grand jury testimony and some of them may not even have the security clearance to view some of the other classified material.

This is all just more distractions from the Democrats, who seem to be realizing they don’t have a chance against Trump in 2020 with the current crop of Democrat candidates.

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