Maxine Waters faces Republican challenger for congressional seat

Recent moves by Democrats have encouraged a slew of Republican candidates to challenge long-time incumbents for traditionally blue seats.

Among this wave of Republican challengers is Omar Navarro, who is going to try to unseat Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters in California.

Navarro challenges Waters

Navarro hit the ground running, saying Waters is more likely to be impeached — for disorderly behavior — than Trump.

“You know when I walk around in my district and I talk to voters, I talk to different voters, talk to the Hispanic community, which is the largest community, 54 percent of my district, you have to look what are the demographics. When I look at the demographics, I talk to the voters knocking on doors, people want to see someone that’s going to unite them,” he said.

“They are seeing Maxine Waters dividing them. They are tired of it. They had her over 30 years. She has been in public service for 40 years,” Navarro said. “It’s time for a change. Time for someone that will bring back jobs, bring back stability and common sense into our district.”

Blue to Red

Republicans need to go after the seats they lost in 2018 to get this administration back on track.

The current plan seems to be to put stronger candidates up in elections that were lost and to challenge virtually every long-time incumbent that has a record of doing nothing while in office.

One of the acknowledged leaders on that front would be Maxine Waters. While she rails against Trump, she has very few accomplishments on her long record as a congresswoman for California.

Waters regularly misses congressional votes (in 2017, she was 11th most absent), ranks at the bottom for co-sponsoring legislation, and rarely if ever have any of her legislative proposals made it to the president’s desk.

Waters’ Scandals

Waters also has a checkered past when it comes to operating above the law, which is ironic, considering she is one of the loudest voices complaining about Trump’s supposed wrongdoing.

In 2004, the Los Angeles Times did an expose on how much money Waters’ family members were making with companies helped by Waters since she took over office. It estimated more than $1 million flowed from those companies to someone Waters personally knew.

There is also the case of her daughter earning excessive fees for doing little to nothing for Waters’ campaign.

Those allegations are nothing, though, compared to the banking scandal Waters was caught in from 2008 to 2010. How the House Ethics Committee let her off with what amounted to be a slap on the wrist is still baffling.

All Navarro needs to do is tell Americans the truth about Waters and if they have any common sense at all, they will realize she should no longer be their representative in Washington, D. C.

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