Video shows how bad Maxine Waters’ district really is

A VERY damaging video is blowing up social media today and has a leading Democrat in panic mode.

A two-minute tour through some of the streets in Waters’ 43rd District show the future of America if Dems are able to gain control of the House, Senate, and White House…

Not America

It is hard to argue with the sentiments of the man that took the video after touring those streets.

At the end of the video, he proclaims, “This is NOT what America is supposed to be.”

The streets were absolutely filthy.

Trash bags were not only piled up, but cans were overflowing onto the streets.

But, there was something even more disturbing than the trash.

Not only were there homeless walking around on the streets, but there were also tent cities for blocks where the homeless were obviously living.

What About Americans?

Maxine Waters has made it her mission to take up for the plight of undocumented immigrants.

However, that video is proof positive she is doing nothing for the Americans without homes on her own turf.

Honestly, Waters has more homeless in those few blocks than my city has in TOTAL!

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But, that is the difference when you have a headline-loving liberal as an elected official versus a conservative that actually addresses the needs of the people who elected him or her into office.

Any media member that does not demand an explanation from Waters is simply ignoring their duty as a member of the free press.

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