Rep. Maxine Waters demands AG Bill Barr’s resignation – or impeachment

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has quit playing around and jumped on the train of misinformation regarding Attorney General William “Bill” Barr.

Waters is telling anyone that will listen that since Robert Mueller disagreed with Barr’s “summary report,” Barr should resign. And if he doesn’t, she says, he should be impeached.

NOT a Summary Report

The biggest problem with the Democrat narrative here is that they are making a huge mistake when it comes to characterizing the letter that was sent to Congress by Barr after he received the Mueller report.

Barr tried to clear this whole thing up yesterday while testifying before the Senate. However, Dems continue to push the same narrative against the AG.

Barr told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that the letter he sent to Congress was just that: a letter.

In it, he announced the report’s findings — and that is all the letter was meant to do.

Indeed, Barr was adamant he did not want to send over things in piecemeal, so he gave them the findings, period. And where Mueller did not make a finding, he did.

Still, Congress has been pushing Barr’s letter as if it was his summary, accusing the AG of being misleading in the memo to Congress.

Political Theater

The big problem we are having as this all plays out is that Democrats are more interested in political theater than actual politics — which seems to be the norm these days in Washington.

Regular politics are too boring for Dems, so they are literally actors on a stage pitching the narrative they want Americans to believe.

Meanwhile, Barr has done absolutely nothing wrong here.

Democrats are simply upset he did not find enough evidence to charge Trump with obstruction.

They are petulant little children who happen to be congressmen, congresswomen, and senators. They shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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