Maxine Waters paid her daughter $50K from federal campaign funds: Report

The Democrat who has cried for Trump’s impeachment the loudest is now further enthralled in her own scandal.

According to reports, Maxine Waters recently paid her daughter $50,000 in two payments from her federal campaign fund, just a start at paying down her debt to her daughter of more than $130,000.

The Scam

Politics has become a family business for Waters.

The latest beneficiary of the family business is the congresswoman’s daughter, Karen.

For years, Karen has been cashing some substantial checks from her mother for running a slate mailer, a pamphlet of sorts that gets mailed out to voters outlining the various candidates up for election as well as ballot measures that voters will weigh in on come Election Day.

Over the years, it is estimated Waters’ daughter Karen has personally pocketed more than $800,000 for running this “service” for her mother.

Not the First Time

While Waters would love everyone to believe she runs a clean operation, that is far from the case.

The congresswoman and her daughter have been running this scam from virtually the first day Waters took office.

Additionally, Waters has used her position in Congress to influence legislation that has helped those closest to her.

One of the most blatant abuses of power by Waters was a banking scandal she ran to benefit her husband and a company with which he had a financial stake.

She has been brought before the Ethics Committee repeatedly, but they always let her off the hook with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

Where’s the accountability?

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