Mattis signs Syria withdrawal orders before leaving office

The big news of the week last week was the resignation of Secretary of Defense James Mattis over Trump’s order to withdrawal troops from Syria.

The fact Secretary of Defense James Mattis officially signed the withdrawal orders before officially leaving his post, as reported by Fox News, has absolutely stunned Trump’s critics.

On His Way Out

After President Trump made the announcement to pull troops out of Syria, it took only a minute for James Mattis to put his resignation on Trump’s desk.

Mattis has been adamant the United States needs to maintain a limited presence in Syria to ensure the eventual downfall of ISIS.

President Trump, however, believes seven years is enough time.

Now, as stated by Trump, it is time for Middle Eastern countries to pick up the slack and finish cleaning up their own backyard.

Trump has stated the withdrawal will be a slow process, ensuring local forces are in play before he pulls out our troops.

His move was actually supported and recommended by the President of Turkey, which was news to some of Trump’s critics.

What also stunned them was the fact Mattis put his signature on the orders to get the withdrawal started before he left office.

Early Exit

What really has people baffled is the fact Mattis was more or less shown the door after he offered his resignation.

Initially, Mattis was supposed to stay on through February to ensure a seamless transition to his replacement.

With Mattis being very open about the fact he no longer supports the Trump agenda, the President apparently decided to cut his losses and get Mattis out ASAP.

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Now, Mattis will wrap up his duties and the acting Secretary of Defense will take over the office effective January 1.

Even though the United States is withdrawing, reports have been released that both the French and British will continue to operate in Syria.

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