Secretary Mattis says he ordered the annihilation of Russian mercenaries in Syria

One thing we have always like about Mattis is his no-nonsense approach to his job.

During testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee to explain a recent attack in Syria, Mattis stated, “The Russian high command in Syria assured us it was not their people, and my direction to the chairman was for the force, then, to be annihilated, and it was.”

If that interview doesn’t bring a chill to the bones of our enemies, nothing will.

The Strike

Mattis was brought before the committee to specifically explain why the United States had killed close to 200 Russians back in February.

As you just saw, Mattis matter-of-factly went about explaining a “deconfliction line” with the Russians.

In essence, the United States works one side of the river and the Russians work the other side of the river to battle terrorists.

The attack in question noted a significant organized force harassing U.S. troops.

The only concern Mattis had when this conflict started was to make sure they “irregular forces” were not regular Russian army.

Hence the call to Russian high command to verify exactly who was offering up resistance to the U.S. military in the area.

As Mattis has done in the past, he gave the order to take them out surely and swiftly, which our military did.

Where They Russians?

Who exactly made up the resistance force came into question when Secretary of State candidate Mike Pompeo made the claim the United States had killed “a couple hundred Russians.”

Mattis stopped short of saying all of the forces killed were actually Russians, though.

Rather than call the forces Russian mercenaries, Mattis stated, “I cannot target the responsibility to the Russians right now.”

“It’s a crowded battlefield; it’s also got Iranians there and, of course, the regime forces as well,” Mattis added.

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Make no mistake about it, Mattis is in that position to get the job done, period.

We can only hope Kim Jong-Un and Putin were watching so they know just who it is they are messing with when they start poking the bear.

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