MSNBC’s Chris Matthews worries that progressive agenda may push voters to Trump

It is no secret that the radical new progressives are currently defining the image of the Democrat party. Late-term abortion, open borders, court packing, abolishing the electoral college and Medicare for All are all on the table.

That fact terrifies MSNBC host Chris Matthews, who believes if the party goes with a far-left candidate, it could result in a huge win for President Donald Trump in 2020, just like Richard Nixon’s 1972 landslide win.

Warning Shot

In 1972, the Democrats chose George McGovern and swung “hard to the Left.”

“Everyone enjoyed themselves…The convention was giddy with excitement even if not that well organized,” he said. But in the end, “the Democrats lost 49 states that year to Richard Nixon, who not only carried the electoral college, losing only Massachusetts and D.C., but 60 percent of the popular vote.”

The Hardball host, who is not a fan of Trump, listed three key facts that could make his worst fear a reality. “One, almost half the Democrat Party electorate is either moderate or conservative. In other words, to the right of the progressives,” said Matthews.

“Two, independent voters are also to the right of the Democrat progressives.”

“Three, so are the straight Republican voters a Democrat nominee might need.”

His point… even though these voters may not like Donald Trump, voting for him is far better than turning America into a socialist country.

Watch below:

The New Democrat Party

For some reason, Democrats are openly embracing socialist ideology, which Matthews thinks may cost the party the next election.

This shift to the far left started during the 2016 presidential campaign season. Bernie Sanders, in his unsuccessful run for president, energized the younger voting base by touting a socialist agenda.

While he did not win the nod for the presidential election, he did influence the next generation of politicians.

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez popped up on the scene to defeat her opponent in what was considered the upset of the season, the party was clearly taking a new direction. Surprisingly, party leadership has embraced her socialist ways, as have many of the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates.

This country was founded on the principles of small government and capitalism, something most Democrats respect. The new generation, however, seems to forget the actual reason our Founders fought against the Crown to win our independence.

The form of government they are suggesting would drag this country back several centuries rather than moving it forward. Even Democrats have to see that…

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