Matt Schlapp: With Bill Barr confirmed as attorney general, Mueller ‘will be gone soon’

New Attorney General Bill Barr had only been confirmed for a few minutes when speculation about the future of special counsel Robert Mueller blew up the internet.

Matt Schlapp, who is the husband of Mercedes Schlapp, Trump’s White House Director of Strategic Communications, predicted that with Barr’s confirmation, “Mueller will be gone soon.”

Clarifying His Thoughts

Of course, members of the media and the Twitterverse automatically assumed Schlapp knew something nobody else did.

They also assumed Schlapp meant that Barr would go against what he told the committee and would fire Mueller.

Those making that assumption could not have been more wrong.

Schlapp clarified what he meant with a later tweet:

Time to Rein Him In

To this point, nobody has really set any guidelines for Mueller to follow.

While the investigation was intended to find any evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the election — which it has not found — Mueller has gone off on several tangents.

Schlapp’s point is that Barr will get Mueller back on track.

After two years of investigating has turned up nothing involving collusion with the Russians, Schlapp is making the assumption that Barr will tell him to get this wrapped up very quickly.

Barr is known as being a hard-nosed attorney, so it is a fairly safe assumption he will not allow Mueller to continue to waste taxpayer money if the investigation is not serving its purpose.

The new AG is already on record saying he would not fire Mueller without cause, but he never said anything about giving Mueller a gentle nudge.

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