Matt Rosendale backs expunging Trump impeachments

July 12, 2023
Matthew Boose

One of the most vocal Trump supporters in Congress, Matt Rosendale (Mt.), is throwing his support behind a campaign to expunge the former president's two impeachments.

The effort has gained steam among Republicans eager to get even with Democrats after years of relentless political "witch hunts" targeting Trump and his allies.

Rosendale also said he supports impeaching President Biden, an idea that has often been circulated on the right without advancing very far.

“Rep. Rosendale supports both of these efforts,” his adviser, Aashka Varma, told Breitbart. 

Trump impeachment reversal

Rosendale is toying with a Senate run against Jon Tester (Mt.), who is considered one of the most vulnerable Democratic senators in 2024.

The Senate GOP has closed ranks behind former Navy Seal Tim Sheehy.

The expungement idea is being pushed by pro-Trump provocateur Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) and Elise Stefanik (Ny.), the House GOP's number three official, who rose to prominence for defending Trump during the Ukraine impeachment saga.

The effort has also received support from Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.), who has been on the other side of an intraparty squabble with Rosendale and the right-wing House Freedom Caucus.

The broad support for expungement reflects the influence that Trump continues to command in the GOP as he seeks the presidency once again.

Badge of pride?

Trump was impeached in late 2019 for withholding aid to Ukraine in an effort to dig up information about the Bidens' foreign business dealings in the notoriously corrupt country. Democrats impeached Trump again in 2021, after he left office, over January 6th.

Democrats often cite Trump's two partisan impeachments to mark him with dishonor - references to Trump among Democrats are often prefaced with the words "twice impeached" (and now, they add robotically, "twice indicted.")

The expungement initiative has received mixed reviews: some say it is a frivolous gesture that has no real basis in the Constitution.

There is something to be said for leaving well enough alone: to many of Trump's supporters the impeachments are badges of pride - combat medals, as it were, proving that he made enemies in the corrupt "swamp."

Trump has bigger fish to fry, regardless, with new "witch hunts" threatening to interfere with his 2024 campaign. While Trump was acquitted of both impeachments, leaving him free to pursue political office, rogue prosecutors have taken things to the next level with two unprecedented criminal indictments widely perceived as political.

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