Massive news org conspiring with leftists on election coverage: Report

 May 29, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A legacy wire service, which first operated about the time telegraph wires were being strung from pole to pole across the American West, is partnering with organizations funded by leftist interests to expand election-year reporting.

An investigative report in the Washington Free Beacon describes the new plan confirmed by the Associated Press.

It said the AP is partnering with five nonprofit news organizations for "nonpartisan" local news, but "liberal advocacy groups and Democratic megadonors fund all" of the new entities.

One of the new partners is CalMatters, which was cofounded by Simone Otus Coze, a supporter, to the tune of $100,000, of a pro-Joe Biden superpac in 2020.

"Billionaire investor Laurene Powell Jobs's company, Emerson Collective, also has given more than $1 million to CalMatters," the report said.

The one-sided political giving is "representative" of the funding for other groups, the Nebraska Journalism Trust, Honolulu Civil Beat, Montana Free Press and South Dakota News Watch, with which AP now is working.

The AP said its deals allow the local groups to use AP wire content, while it will spread the locals' stories around its network.

The report confirmed, "the five organizations' liberal backing raises questions about whether [AP's audience] will receive the kind of unbiased news coverage" readers are promised.

The report said, "Two of the outlets, CalMatters and Honolulu Civil Beat, coordinate with States Newsroom, a network of local news outlets that the AP itself has said is funded by 'left-leaning sources,'" the report said.

It's not the first such political venture for AP, the report said, citing the organization's deal earlier this year to work with the Texas Tribune, "an Austin-based outlet funded by a familiar group of Democratic donors: Powell Jobs's foundation, Bill Gates's foundation, and others."

Such journalism deals come "ahead of an election that Democrats worry will hand control of the White House and both houses of Congress to Republicans," the report said. "Biden trails former President Donald Trump in most polls…"

The Free Beacon said its analysis showed "few if any conservative donors to the consortium."

The report said, for example, South Dakota News Watch is funded by Miami Foundation, described as a "left-of-center philanthropy," as well as Solutions Journalism Network, also funded by Gates and others.

The report confirmed Media Matters-backing Steve Silberstein supports CalMatters and the ACLU of Hawaii donates to Honolulu Civil Beat.

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