Massive group of retired military officers demand Sec. Austin and Gen. Milley resign

Now that the final U.S. troops have been yanked out of Afghanistan, Americans, including former military commanders and sitting politicians, are demanding accountability for President Joe Biden’s humiliating, botched withdrawal efforts.

According to TheBlaze, the Biden administration is facing new pressure from a long list of retired military generals and admirals who firmly believe that both Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley should immediately resign.

The retired officers, nearly 90 of them, made their demands clear in an open letter that was published by the group Flag Officers 4 America at about the same time it was announced that the last departing flights from Hamid Karzai International Airport were taking off, the Washington Examiner noted.

They held nothing back

As one would expect from a retired military general, the long list of distinguished commanders slammed the Biden administration and its top military brass for leaving Americans trapped behind enemy lines.

The group made clear that both Austin and Milley “were the top two military officials in a position to recommend against the dangerous withdrawal.”

“The consequences of this disaster are enormous and will reverberate for decades beginning with the safety of Americans and Afghans who are unable to move safely to evacuation points; therefore, being de facto hostages of the Taliban at this time,” the officers wrote.

They added: “The damage to the reputation of the United States is indescribable. We are now seen, and will be seen for many years, as an unreliable partner in any multinational agreement or operation. Trust in the United States is irreparably damaged.”

The retired officers insisted that even if Milley and Austin attempted to use their influence to stop the hasty withdrawal, which we’ll likely never know, they should still resign “as a matter of conscience and public statement.”

Stranded Americans

The calls for Milley, Austin, and even the president himself to resign over the grossly mishandled Afghanistan troop pullout grew on Monday afternoon after it was confirmed by CENTCOM commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie that “hundreds” of Americans were not able to be evacuated as the remaining U.S. aircraft departed the Kabul airport.

According to the Daily Mail, several sitting members of Congress joined in the calls for resignations, including Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA), who posted her feelings on Twitter in all caps, writing, “IF BIDEN REFUSES TO RESIGN, HE MUST BE IMPEACHED! This is an absolute disgrace!”

Only time will tell if we see any resignations as a result of what has been labeled as one of the most humiliating foreign policy disasters in modern U.S. history, but it’s clear at this point that the American public and their representatives demand serious accountability.

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