Massachusetts police officer dies after being attacked with rock, shot with own gun

A Massachusetts police officer lost his life in a bizarre series of events.

After Officer Michael Chesna confronted a man vandalizing a home, he was struck in the head with a rock, then had his own gun used against him to take his life.

How It Happened

Everything was set into motion when Emanuel Lopes allegedly stole a vehicle early Sunday morning.

After crashing the vehicle, he fled on foot, which is when Officer Chesna spotted him.

The officer drew his weapon and ordered Lopes to halt, but Lopes picked up a rock and somehow managed to hit the officer square in the head, knocking him down.

Lopes then approached Officer Chesna, taking his service weapon, and turning it on the officer.

According to reports, Lopes fired several shots, hitting Officer Chesna in the torso and head.

Lopes was once again on the run, but officers managed to surround him.

The suspect opened fire, which was returned successfully by the officers, striking Lopes several times.

Lopes was arrested and taken to a local hospital, but not before he killed an innocent bystander with Chesna’s weapon.

Officer Chesna was pronounced dead shortly afterward.

Veteran Living His Dream

Officer Chesna was working his dream job.

He joined the Army, hoping it would help him get a job as a police officer after his contract was over.

Chesna served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, but it was the streets of a United States city where he lost his life.

His entire department was distraught over the loss.

The streets of the city were lined by officers of local and surrounding departments as the fallen officer’s body was taken to the medical examiner’s office.

The suspect is expected to be charged with two homicide counts.

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Officer Chesna is survived by his wife and two young children.

RIP Officer Chesna.

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