Two injured in wedding shooting at New Hampshire church

The town of Pelham, New Hampshire is in shock today after a shooter walked into a wedding that was being held at a local church and opened fire with the intent of mass killing, according to Breitbart.

Thankfully, only two people were wounded before wedding guests gang-tackled the shooter. The victims are currently being treated for their injuries.


The good news is that the suspect was taken alive and is now in police custody. Perhaps the motive can be immediately found instead of everyone having to listen to the usual political speculation associated with mass shootings.

The two victims who were hit were the church bishop and a woman identified as the bride. The wedding was already in progress when the shooter opened fire.

The bishop, who was identified as Stanley Choate, is in serious condition at a hospital in Boston.

The bride, Claire McMullen, was shot in the arm and is in stable condition. The groom, Mark Castiglione, was treated for a head injury from being struck by an unidentified object.

Searching for a Motive

After the gunman opened fire and was subsequently tackled by several wedding guests, police apprehended the shooter.

Details have come out that two weeks ago, a man thought to be the son of Castiglione had murdered a priest named Luis Garcia in his home.

The individual apprehended for the wedding shooting was identified as 37-year-old Dale Holloway, stepson of Garcia.

There has been no official confirmation that this is actually the motive behind the shooting, but certainly it suggests a possible explanation. Authorities confirmed that it’s possible that the two events are linked and the matter is under investigation, according to a local NBC affiliate.

While law enforcement works out what really happened, it is time to pray for the speedy recovery of the victims and that justice will be swiftly handed to the man responsible for this crime.

It is also worth praising the bravery of the wedding guests who bravely stopped further harm by subduing the shooter. As tragic as this event may be, the courage of those wedding guests may well have averted the loss of many lives.

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