Maryland man charged in ISIS-inspired National Harbor terror plot

Local authorities in Maryland were able to stop a potential terror attack at the National Harbor last week.

Federal authorities officially charged the alleged terrorist, Rondell Henry, on Monday in connection with his alleged plan to run over pedestrians at the National Harbor, just minutes from Washington, D.C.

Home Grown Terrorist

Rondell Henry, 28, is a computer engineer from Germantown, MD and is a U.S. citizen. He was allegedly radicalized by watching ISIS videos online, law enforcement says.

Henry’s ISIS-inspired plan was to kill Americans that were not sympathetic to Muslims and their religious beliefs.

Initially, Henry planned on hitting Dulles International Airport. However, when he arrived there, he thought security was too good, so he decided to move this plan to the National Harbor.

The Plan of Attack

Henry allegedly followed the driver of U-Haul into a parking lot in his own car.

When the man left the U-Haul, Henry allegedly took the vehicle and headed to Dulles.

The man reported the truck stolen along with telling police he had been followed several blocks by a car, which also happened to be parked close by. When police checked on the vehicle, it was registered to Henry.

After Henry decided to leave Dulles, he headed to the National Harbor.

Rather than carrying out his plan then, which he told authorities was to drive, and to continue to drive, through the crowd, killing as many as possible and to keep going, he decided to wait until the next day when there would be more pedestrian traffic in the area.

Henry broke into a boat to hide, but police had found the truck at that point and waited for Henry to arrive. When he came back the next morning, local authorities swooped in and took him into custody.

Henry is being charged with interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle.

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