Maryland judge blocks Trump administration refugee policy

Surprise, surprise: another Democrat-appointed judge just blocked a Trump administration policy on immigration.

Judge Peter J. Messitte, who presides on the Maryland District Court, has blocked Trump’s executive order that would allow states and local governments to refuse to settle refugees, The Hill reports.

They did it again

When liberal groups want to block Trump, they simply take the case to court and roll the dice, hoping that they will get a judge appointed by either Barack Obama or Bill Clinton.

If they win, they are guaranteed to get their stay — and that is exactly what happened here. Judge Messitte was appointed to the bench by Bill Clinton in 1993.

He has served on the District Court of Maryland ever since, and was promoted to senior judge in that District Court in 2008. Taking all that into consideration, his judgment on this matter was not exactly a surprise.

Messitte does not agree with the Trump administration that states and local governments should have the right to choose who settles in their jurisdictions and who does not. The judge said the executive order by Trump “does not appear to serve the overall public interest,” and issued a temporary stay on the order until the case plays out in the courts.

Liberals celebrate, Trump admin fumes

Liberals have sold the legislation by Trump as a way for the administration to effectively create a refugee ban on a state-by-state basis. Honestly, there are enough Democrat-run states with open arms that this should not even be an issue.

Democrats want it all, though. Mark Hetfield, president and CEO of HIAS, the refugee group that brought the suit, called Trump’s policy “un-American.”

After the ruling was announced, the White House slammed the decision, stating: “Another lawless district court has asserted its own preferred immigration policy in place of the laws of the United States – and, in so doing, robbed millions of American citizens of their voice and their say in a vital issue directly affecting their communities.”

This will always be a point of difference between liberals and conservatives, with conservatives wanting the states to be in control of their own fates.

In this case, refugees are now being forced on states that simply do not have the room.

The state of Texas will now have to reconsider its most recent stance, as Gov. Greg Abbott was the first governor to exercise his right to refuse to settle any more refugees. But in a way, this judge did Trump a favor, because the ruling ensures that the state of Texas will remain red come election day.

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