Maryland Democrat refuses to resign after using the ‘N’ word

Alcohol is often called truth serum. It’s also something public officials should avoid at all costs. But Maryland Democrat Rep. Mary Ann Lisanti did not heed that warning and now she is paying the price.

At an after-hours gathering, Lisanti reportedly used the ‘N’ word to describe a Maryland district, and now party members are demanding her resignation.

Loose Lips

The incident occurred in January when Lisanti was with some colleagues at the Annapolis Cigar.

When her colleague stated he was knocking on doors to help a candidate in the Prince George County, Lisanti allegedly told him he had been working in a “n—– district.”

That comment did not go over well and leadership was informed.

Party leadership and local civil rights activists immediately voiced their outrage over her comment.

The local House Speaker, Michael Bush, also stripped Lisanti of both of her leadership assignments.

Additionally, Lisanti has been censured because she “brought dishonor to the entire General Assembly of Maryland.”

Not Giving In

In most cases, the removal of assignments serves as a precursor to someone being forced from office, but Lisanti is adamant she is not going to give up her position.

The Maryland State Representative stated that resigning would be the “easy way out.” Instead, she issued an apology but refused to admit she actually used that term.

Rep. Lisanti stated, “I do not believe I did, but I am still accepting responsibility.” Then, she absolutely ripped everyone that has stated she should step down.

Lisanti stated, “I recognize that some have rushed to judgment without information and freely jumped on the bandwagon of condemnation – likely for their own political expediency.”

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