Maryland police arrest and charge six illegal aliens, MS-13 gang members, in death of 15-year-old boy

June 1, 2023
Ben Marquis

A 15-year-old boy from Fredrick County, Maryland, Limber Lopez Funez, was reported missing in February and his dead body was discovered by police in April during an ongoing investigation into his disappearance.

It has now been announced that five suspects have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the untimely death of Funez, according to Breitbart.

Per local and federal law enforcement sources, all five suspects are believed to be members of the notorious MS-13 street gang and were confirmed to be residing in the country illegally.

Suspects arrested and charged with murder

A Wednesday news flash from the City of Fredrick in Maryland announced the arrests and murder charges against the five suspects in the death of 15-year-old Funez.

Those five suspects have been identified as Ismael Ivan Rivera Canales, 20; Alexis Alfredo Ayala Lopez, 21; Jose Roberto Ramos Lopez, 23; Elmer Bladimir Reyes Reyes, 27; and Ismael Lopez Lopez, 29.

According to the Fredrick Police Department, Funez was reported missing by his family on Feb. 25 and a search for the boy uncovered the scene of a suspected "serious assault" the following day. Further investigation led searchers to Gambrill State Park, where the remains of a body identified as that of Funez were found on April 24.

The investigation continued and led to the development and collection of "digital, video, and forensic evidence" that led police to the five suspects, who were all arrested on May 26 and charged with first-degree murder.

"Since Mr. Lopez Funez was first reported missing back in late February, we have had officers and detectives working tirelessly, investigating this case," Fredrick Police Chief Jason Lando said. "Our team spent countless hours following leads and conducting searches all over the county. We were all hoping to find Limber alive and well, but sadly that did not happen."

"On behalf of the entire team at FPD, our hearts go out to the victim's family," the chief added. "While we know it will not bring Limber back, we hope the arrests in this case will offer some closure to the Lopez Funez family."

MS-13 gang members and illegal immigrants, some of whom arrived as unaccompanied children

According to local D.C. Fox affiliate WTTG, local police said that all five of the arrested and charged suspects are believed to be members of the MS-13 street gang.

Further, the Fredrick County Sheriff's Office confirmed through Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials that all five suspects are illegal aliens.

Per a separate report from Breitbart, it has since been further confirmed that at least two of the suspects, Lopez Lopez and Ramos Lopez, are "validated" members of MS-13.

It was also noted that a sixth suspect and known MS-13 gang member, identified as Josue Mauricio Arrue-Paniagua, was arrested in relation to Funez's death and has been charged with attempted murder. All of the suspects have reportedly had detainers placed on them and will be turned over to ICE to be deported if and when they are ever released from state custody.

On top of that, a former top ICE official under the Trump administration, Jon Feere, has claimed to have learned that at least three of the six suspects in custody were confirmed to have arrived illegally in the U.S. as UACs, or Unaccompanied Alien Children, and were subsequently released into the nation's interior -- though it is unclear when exactly they arrived.

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