Broadway play exposes tumultuous marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton

The rocky marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton is being exposed for all to see. Any pretense of stability in the Clinton marriage is now completely done.

The Broadway play “Hillary and Clinton” dives deep inside the inner workings of the Clinton marriage during Hillary’s first run at the White House and it does NOT paint a very flattering picture.

The Not So Happy Couple

For years, most of us have assumed if it were not for their political careers, Bill and Hillary would have been divorced by now.

However, collectively, they tried to create a political franchise of sorts and put their personal problems aside… and it almost worked.

After Bill Clinton had his days in the White House, he touted “Bill and Hill.” Once Bill’s career was over, Hillary started her climb up the ladder.

Then, in 2008, she took her first shot, running against the much younger Barack Obama. While all of this was going on, more and more of Bill’s indiscretions started to surface.

The play takes a look at how some of those evenings went in the Clinton household.

Open to Interpretation

The stars of the play are John Lithgow as Bill and Laurie Metcalf as Hillary. The two of them have taken a very interesting approach to the play in that they are not even attempting to look like Bill and Hillary.

There are no wigs, no change of accent, nothing of the sort. They are simply playing out the scenes leaving it up to the imagination of the viewer to “interpret” it as they see fit.

Because nobody really knows what went on behind closed doors, the play is fictional. However, Lithgow stated they used real-life reports for the inspiration for the show.

Lithgow stated, “We know, for example, that there were late nights when they could be heard yelling at each other behind closed doors.” They may not have all the facts, but it does appear they have the gist of it down.

The play was written by Lucas Hnath and had it first production on April 1, 2016 at the Victory Gardens Theater. It is currently playing on Broadway at the John Golden Theater in New York City.

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