New book from Mark Meadows reveals Trump’s St. John’s photo op was Ivanka’s idea

Former President Donald Trump faced heavy criticism back in June 2020 for posing for a photo in front of Washington D.C.’s St. John’s Church, Bible in hand, in the wake of violent unrest in the nation’s capital.

Now, a shocking new report claims it was Ivanka Trump who was behind the then-president’s controversial photo-op.

“Law and order”

The summer of 2020 was marred by protests that swept the nation in response to allegations of police brutality and systemic racism. But while many in the mainstream media characterized the demonstrations as “peaceful,” unrest in D.C. and elsewhere quickly spiraled into what looked a lot more like lawless riots than lawful protests.

It was reportedly in an effort to show law and order would be returning to American streets that then-President Trump made the trek on foot to Lafayette Square to pose in front of St. John’s, which had been set on fire and vandalized.

Journalists quickly labeled the move as little more than a publicity stunt. But in his new book, President Trump’s former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, explains that it was meant to send “a message to people of faith.”

According to SheKnows’ Kristyn Burtt, Meadows also revealed that it was all Ivanka’s idea.

Burtt reported Wednesday:

According to Meadows, Ivanka formulated a plan and suggested her father “give his address in the Rose Garden as planned, and then lead a group of his closest aides and advisors over to St. John’s Church, where he would deliver a short message to the American people.” Her objective, on paper, seemed to be an ideal way to handle the situation —  it would symbolize that “law and order would prevail[.]”

“Never prouder”

Meadows explains in his new book that the then-president “loved the idea.” That set the plan in motion.

Burtt reported:

[S]taffers ran around the White House to find the perfect Bible for Donald to hold. (He picked one not based on its looks, but for “the way it felt in his hands.”)

According to Meadows, the president and his closest aides then walked to Lafayette Square, where they planned to enter St. John’s Church but saw it had been boarded up by law enforcement, Burtt reported. Trump resolved to simply take a photo in front of the church.

Meadows later said he was “never prouder to be serving under President Trump” than in that moment.

According to Vanity Fair, Ivanka Trump hasn’t commented on the latest development.

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