Mark Levin warns America that the FBI and DOJ are the ‘most dangerous’ they have ever been

Fox News host Mark Levin warned Americans that the country is facing “dangerous” and “grave” times because of a highly politicized FBI and Department of Justice.

Recent events have made it clear that the FBI and the DOJ are out of control and have been hijacked to push a political agenda. From the raiding of former President Donald Trump’s home, to purging conservative employees and whistleblowers, our Justice apparatus is out of control and a danger to the nation. 

Now Republicans are launching a series of investigations and Levin is concerned that such investigations will spark a strong reaction from our corrupted Justice Department. Americans should expect heavy stonewalling from the FBI and the DOJ.

Levin said on Sunday, “What do we do as a country if they stonewall the House of Representatives, a majority of whom are Republicans? What do we do as a country if the National Archives, also part of the executive branch, is also stonewalling these Republicans? In other words, what do we do if the separation of powers is being violated by the executive branch?”

Rotten to the core

Levin continued his statement by saying, “The Republican House has to preserve the separation of powers and has to preserve our governmental system. There’s supposed to be a balance and negotiation. You sort of work things out one branch with another. But if another branch is corrupt in the sense that they are using the law against their political opponents, and they’re corrupt in the sense that they basically dare you to do anything about it because they’re not going to enforce it. On the executive side, you have to act. Or the House of Representatives in Congress, more broadly, will seek to be the power that they need to be in this triumphant government.”

Right now the executive branch is completely under the control of leftist Democrats and they aren’t afraid to abuse their power.

Democrats in the executive branch also have the help of a friendly mainstream media that will demonize Republican investigations while covering up the blatant abuses of power committed by the FBI and the DOJ.

Levin finished off by saying, “We have a situation now with Joe Biden’s executive branch is undermining the representative government and unleashing criminal law enforcement against people with whom they disagree. It’s one thing to investigate. It’s one thing to collect information. It’s quite another to enforce. And so I want to suggest that the Republicans take a very close look at this.”

Republicans will have the whole system against them in trying to hold out-of-control Democrats accountable. Luckily, the Republican Party is bringing its best and its brightest to this fight.

Drain the swamp

House Republicans will be putting together a special judiciary committee that will be tackling the “weaponization of the federal government.”

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), a strong ally of former President Donald Trump, will be overseeing that committee and has made it clear he intends to drain the swamp and attack the corruption at its core.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has also lent his support to the committee’s mission saying, “We will hold the swamp accountable, from the withdrawal of Afghanistan, to the origins of Covid and to the weaponization of the F.B.I.”

Republicans also want to look at things like the relationship between the federal government and Big Tech. Most notably, Republicans want to get to the bottom of the government’s relationship with Twitter following the release of the infamous Twitter Files.

The next two years will be critical as bringing the executive branch to heel before the 2024 presidential election is imperative to ensure the Justice Department isn’t working to sway the election one way or another.

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