Marjorie Taylor Greene Escalates War Against Mutilating Kids’ Bodies

Over the past couple of weeks, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., was “SWATTED” multiple times, being targeted by the crime in which someone falsely claims a threat and sends police to an unsuspecting enemy’s home.

It was over her objections to the transgender ideology, that which in medical practice chops off the healthy body parts of kids and gives them chemicals that will leave them handicapped for the rest of their lives.

She isn’t the type, however, to be intimidated.

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“Absolutely, 100%, they wanted me to be murdered, death by cop. That’s what swatting is. And they were doing this in hopes that the police would kill me,” she said.

In response, she released a video promoting new legislation that outlines her plan to make transgender treatments for children a crime.

“We’re not even a party worth deserving of the American people’s vote if we cannot protect children from this abuse,” she said.

Paul Bedard in his Washington Secrets column in the Washington Examiner reviewed the video.

“In a digital reelection campaign with national implications, Greene today called on the Republican Party to join her and 19 co-sponsors of her ‘Protect Children’s Innocence Act’ and challenge Biden administration officials who have suggested that even 13-year-olds should be eligible for sex-changing drugs and operations,” he explained.

The ad includes Rachel Levine, the transgender assistant secretary of Health and Human Services. He claims, “Gender-affirming care is life-saving.”

Bedard reported, “After releasing her ad online, she told Secrets that minors are too young to understand fully what they think they want to do about their sex. She also said that some of the sex-altering drugs and operations are dangerous and cannot be reversed if the minor changes their mind.”

The first-term Republican said, “So-called ‘gender-affirming care’ for kids is child abuse, plain and simple. Kids can not make these decisions before they are even old enough to vote, join the military, or even get a driver’s license.”

She described bluntly the medical agenda: “Little boys are being castrated. Girls going through puberty are having their breasts removed. It’s not caring, it’s genital mutilation. Not to mention, the puberty blockers that are being prescribed are the same pills given to pedophiles to chemically castrate. This barbaric practice has got to stop. I’m releasing my new ad today to ask every one of my colleagues to join me and 19 other members to sponsor the Protect Children’s Innocence Act to END the abuse of kids in this heinous way.”

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