Marine cleared of wrongdoing after appearing alongside Trump at recent rally

Critics of former President Donald Trump are likely to be displeased with the outcome of a recent investigation.

According to reports, a Marine who was investigated for appearing alongside Trump at a recent campaign-style rally will not be disciplined.

Background on the case

As the Washington Examiner explained, Lance Cpl. Hunter Clark appeared at Trump’s “Save America” event in Perry, Georgia on Sept. 25.

At one point, he was called on stage by the former president and identified himself to the crowd as “the guy that pulled the baby over the wall.”

His remarks were in reference to a widely circulated video that showed a servicemember lifting a baby over a wall at the Kabul airport during the chaotic evacuation of U.S. troops from Afghanistan earlier this year.

In the weeks since that rally, however, the Marine Corps confirmed that Clark was not actually the servicemember depicted on that video.

Furthermore, he was subjected to an investigation related to a potential violation of Defense Department rules prohibiting political activities.

Military probe concludes

The investigation concluded with an inspector general’s decision clearing Clark of any wrongdoing. As the Marine Corps explained on Wednesday, the probe “determined that the evidence did not establish, by a preponderance, that Lance Corporal Clark knew he was attending a political event.”

Instead, the investigation revealed only “that his mother and a friend planned for him to meet some ‘important’ people and that he was not sure who he would meet.”

Although Clark did join Trump on stage at the former president’s request, the Marine Corps found that “he did not do so in a manner which violates applicable guidelines, orders or directives.”

While he will not be subject to any discipline, he “did receive an administrative counseling for traveling further than authorized while in a liberty status.”

A number of critics were openly calling for a harsh rebuke of Clark’s actions and clearly hoped that he would have the book thrown at him following the conclusion of the inquiry. The Marine Corps has confirmed, however, that the evidence at hand cleared him of any wrongdoing, which supporters are sure to interpret as an important victory for personal liberty.

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