Marine veteran wears ‘Let’s go Brandon’ shirt while receiving award for stopping armed robbery

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran living in Yuma, Arizona went viral last week after his heroic and rapid actions to stop an armed robbery in progress were caught on surveillance camera.

Now, that Marine, identified as James Kilcer, is in the headlines once again after being spotted wearing an anti-Biden shirt while accepting a Citizen’s Valor Award from his local sheriff, Fox News reported.

Kilcer, who was also wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap, was sporting a blue shirt emblazoned with a U.S. flag and the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon,” a humorous and less vulgar variation of the “F*** Joe Biden” chant that’s erupted at sporting events across the nation in recent weeks.

Awarded for display of valor

According to a Facebook post from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Leon Wilmot presented Kilcer with what was described as the “highest award for citizens whose actions warrant recognition,” the Citizen’s Valor Award.

Kilcer earned that award “[f]or extraordinary heroism and exceptional courage while voluntarily coming to the aid of another citizen during an incident involving criminal activity at extreme, life threatening, personal risk in an attempt to save or protect human life.”

The Marine veteran had been standing inside a gas station convenience store when three robbers, one of whom was armed, entered the store, police said. Kilcer instantly responded by grabbing the gun and walloping the would-be robber with his fist and what was described as a heavy grocery bag, in the process gaining control of the weapon and detaining the criminal until law enforcement arrived.

Veteran credits military service

According to a report from the local ABC affiliate, Kilcer told deputies, “The Marine Corps taught me not to f*** around.”

In an interview with Fox News about the incident, Kilcer again credited the Marine Corps for his physical training as well as being “mentally prepared” to instantaneously assess and take on an emergent threat.

He said he actually intended to seize control of both the robber’s gun and head at the same time, but forgot that he was still holding the “heavy” bag — filled with two bottles of Gatorade, two energy drinks, and a snack — which ended up having the same effect by slamming into the criminal’s face.

This man is undeniably a hero and his actions are certainly worthy of commendation, but given his choice of clothing and obvious political leanings, it seems highly unlikely that he will be receiving any sort of recognition from the Biden White House.

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