Marilyn Manson collapses on stage at Houston concert after complaining about medical issue

Fans of rock star Marilyn Manson had a huge scare Saturday night.

In the midst of a song, Manson dropped his microphone and started to walk off stage, only to collapse on one of the monitors.

Summer Sickness

The reports on his illness varied.

One fan speculated Manson had received Holy Communion for the first time in 30 years.

That was hardly the truth, though.

It was also reported by some roadies they believed he just had a really bad case of food poisoning.

As the evening passed, it seemed more likely that Manson was actually suffering from heat exhaustion.

Stage Collapse

While performing the third song of the night, it was clear something was wrong with Manson.

He appeared to be holding on to the microphone stand for dear life.

About halfway through the song, he dropped his head, then started to walk off stage, which is when he collapsed on one of the stage monitors.

Zombie to the Rescue

Manson is co-headlining a tour with Rob Zombie.

After it was clear Manson was not going to be able to finish, Zombie took the stage.

If you have never seen Rob Zombie in person, you are missing something special.

As only he can, he immediately won over the crowd that had turned somewhat hostile at one point, booing Manson for leaving the stage.

Zombie stated, “My dear friend Mr. Manson is feeling under the weather.”

“I need a partner for the next song, so let’s sing really loud and make him feel better,” Zombie added

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The crowd obliged, and all was forgiven.

On Monday, Manson sent out a tweet to let everyone know he was feeling better and that he had seen a doctor.

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