Former Democrat primary hopeful Marianne Williamson blasts Biden: ‘Enough with talk’

One of Joe Biden’s former primary opponents just left him totally humiliated.

According to Breitbart, Marianne Williamson — a fringe Democratic presidential primary contender who was known for her “spiritual” approach — shredded Biden in a pair of tweets this weekend that challenged him to stop talking and “show us the policies.”

“Hope and light and love”

Breitbart reported Sunday that Williamson was responding to observations from some that Biden’s speech accepting the Democrats’ presidential nomination at the party’s recent national convention echoed themes from Williamson’s recent book, The Politics of Love.

During his speech, the former vice president had said the current moment in America “calls for hope and light and love,” Breitbart noted. “Hope for our futures, light to see our way forward, and love for one another,” Biden reportedly added.

As Breitbart reported, Twitter users took notice:

“Show us the policies”

Soon after, Williamson chimed in with an opinion of her own.

“I appreciate you used my book title,” she wrote in a tweet to the former vice president, “but you need to actually read the book. Your campaign is everything people said that I was but I actually wasn’t: platitudes but no substance and no policy.”

Williamson added: “Enough with talk about hope and love: show us the policies that provide it!”

In a later tweet, the failed Democratic White House hopeful urged Biden to take his gloves off and fight for the White House like he means it. President Donald Trump, for his part, certainly is.

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