Maren Morris tells Howard Stern about divorce from country star Ryan Hurd

 December 17, 2023

Maren Morris, the soon-to-be ex-wife of country singer Ryan Hurd, recently opened up about her divorce. 

According to USA Today, during a recent interview with radio host Howard Stern, Morris revealed the reasoning behind some of her recent decisions.

Stern asked Morris about the current status of her love life and also questioned Morris about her recent hairstyle change.

Morris, who has been legally separated from Hurd since early October, said the divorce process is still "ongoing."

What did she say?

Morris opened up about what feels like a sharp uptick in separations and divorces, including her own. Stern asked her about her hairstyle change, which is now a short "bob" cut.

"I cut all the trauma out of my hair," Morris said. "I think this year has — for a lot of people, not just me — just a lot of people that are close to me have gone through it. I’ve known so many people that have gone through breakups or divorces."

USA Today noted:

After five years of marriage, Morris filed for divorce on Oct. 2, according to documents obtained by The (Nashville) Tennessean, part of the USA TODAY Network. The filing states the couple, who live in Nashville, has been separated since the early October date.

According to divorce filings, Morris said one of the reasons for filing the divorce, in addition to "irreconcilable differences," was that they were "unable to live together successfully as husband and wife."

"I would like this to sort of wrap up," Morris said of her divorce and the prospect of finding someone new. "I don't have the headspace for that yet. But I'm writing so much right now. That's kind of been my way of dating is just through song."

No custody battle

The couple's announcement of a child was big news in 2020, and thankfully, it doesn't appear as if there's any custody battle brewing.

USA Today noted:

Morris took an online parenting seminar for divorcing parents, a court-approved parent education and family stabilization course, according to additional documents obtained by The Tennessean. The couple cannot move their child from their Tennessee home until the divorce is finalized – a standard protocol for divorce in Tennessee.

Many on social media noted that there seems to be a sharp rise in celebrity divorces.

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