Armenian politician Melik Manukyan narrowly avoids assassination attempt

Once again, the plot to take out Melik Manakyan has failed.

Friday afternoon, the former member of parliament (MP) and member of the “Tsarukyan” faction of the Armenian National Assembly barely escaped another attempt on his life.

Targeted Attack

The attack happened very near a factory owned by Manukyan. According to reports, an explosion occurred on the highway where Manukyan was driving.

Manukyan has recently been in the news not for his political life but rather a wide variety of criminal allegations.

While reports have been very thin as to the motive of this particular attack, we do know three people have been arrested. These three men are being charged with attempted murder, among several other charges.

Manukyan’s own brother reportedly got himself in trouble while checking out the scene.

Robert Manukyan visited the location of the attempt the next day and tried to run over police working there.

Why he did that has not yet been revealed. Police, however, did take him into custody after the incident.

Not the First Time

This is far from the first attempt on Manukyan’s life and it will probably not be the last.

He has created many enemies in both the political world and the business world.

Earlier this year, there was another attack at a restaurant complex Manukyan owns.

In that attack, eight people were shot, one fatally.

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