Manhattan judge rejects Trump request for recusal and reassignment

August 16, 2023
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Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan has rejected former President Donald Trump's request that he recuse himself after Merchan's political connections were discovered.

Merchan made campaign donations to both President Joe Biden and the stop Republicans political action committee. There is no doubt that Merchan is a true-blue leftist and in such a politically charged case, his oversight is inappropriate.

In the 6-page order, Merchan stated, “Further, this Court has examined its conscience and is certain in its ability to be fair and impartial."

Trump is the leading Republican candidate and any case involving him is going to impact next year's election. That means impartiality is of utmost importance to ensure there is no chance of election interference.

No fair trial

Donald Trump is having a tough time getting a fair trial, especially in extremely liberal states like New York.

Just a few months ago, Trump was found guilty of defaming a woman who accused him of rape. That same jury found that Trump had not raped the woman and yet still required him to compensate her for defamation.

So it is clear that leftists on juries are willing to ignore law in order to punish Trump. This is no surprise considering how the left speaks of Trump and the supposed threat he presents to the nation.

It isn't just leftist juries that Trump has to worry about. Activist judges are as much of a threat to the President and it isn't crazy to think a judge would do everything in his power to stop someone they see as a threat.

Merchan certainly raises suspicions and his refusal to recuse himself further indicates that Republicans ought to be worried about the integrity of the hush-money charges against Trump.

Runs in the family

To further add to suspicions about Merchan's ability to be impartial, his daughter works as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Authentic Campaigns, which is a digital marketing company with deep connections to the Democrat Party.

Authentic Campaigns ironically has a video of Vice President Kamala Harris on its homepage, who is well known for her authentic connection to regular Americans.

Nonetheless, Democrat blood clearly runs in the Merchan family which means that any Republican should be uncomfortable with Merchan overseeing Trump's case.

Unfortunately, Merchan has already investigated himself and found himself fully qualified of overseeing a case that could change the outcome of next year's election.

It is now very possible that Trump won't get justice and his hush-money case will have to be appealed to higher courts away from the liberal Manhattan in order to finally get justice and impartiality.

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