Manhattan doctor found dead from knife wound in NYC apartment

A disturbing death was reported this week in Manhattan.

Dr. Dean Lorich was found dead, discovered by his daughter, with a knife sticking out of his chest.

Suicide or Murder?

By all appearances, Dr. Lorich was a successful doctor with a good family life.

He was married with three daughters.

His wife was out playing tennis at the time of his reported death.

Sadly, it was Lorich’s 11-year-old daughter that found him lying in the bathroom with a knife stuck in his chest.

One of his colleagues stopped by soon after the news broke and could not believe her friend was dead.

While not identifying herself other than saying she worked with him, she stated, “This is horrible, this is horrible. I don’t believe this.”

What she can probably not believe is the fact the police are apparently treating this as a suicide at this point rather than a murder.

Famous Cases

Lorich was one of the more respected doctors within his specialty.

He first garnered headlines in 2014 after he treated Bono (U2) for injuries sustained during a cycling accident.

Some of his lesser-known cases but far more important, were treating an NYPD officer after he was hit by an SUV in 2005.

Also in 2005, he treated a firefighter that had been stuck by a bus.

Haiti Relief Efforts

Lorich’s slight association with the Clinton’s has the internet all abuzz about his death.

Reportedly, Lorich was part of a U.S. relief effort sent to Haiti after the earthquake.

This was also one of the relief efforts the Clinton Foundation was involved with at the time.

While there, he and his team were amazed at the horrific conditions and lack of organization on the ground.

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Both Dr. Lorich and two other members of the team wrote an op-ed for CNN describing exactly what they saw when they hit the ground.

Upon hearing of his death, one of the doctors that traveled with Lorich to Haiti stated, “The medical community will have an extremely large void without him.”

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