Manafort and Mueller attorneys clash, judge yet to make a decision

Monday may have been the first good “legal” day for former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort in quite some time.

In a closed hearing, Manafort’s attorneys stood toe-to-toe with the Mueller legal team in an effort to get his plea deal reinstated.

The judge seemed willing to listen too — Manafort’s attorneys spent more than four hours battling it out for their client.

The Good News

The transcripts of the case have yet to be revealed, as the judge has ordered both parties to present their redactions by Wednesday close of business.

Manafort’s team argued that Manafort never intentionally lied, just that he was unclear of certain events as well as some timelines.

Once his memory was refreshed, however, they say he told the truth as he knew it.

Mueller’s Tactics

While Manafort obviously faces other legal problems, what canceled his plea deal was the lying under oath. As we have stated several times, though, this is something Mueller is known to exploit.

Several legal experts noted Mueller is exceptional at confusing witnesses. He does this purposely by firing questions at them from different angles throughout the interview.

Then, when he knows they are confused, he will revisit previous testimony in the hopes of tripping them up.

It is an all but guaranteed way of ensuring at the very least, you come out of the interview with an indictment for lying. Mueller used the same tactics successfully on Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen.

Not All Good News

While the overall feel in this case was positive, there is some concern in the fact the judge wants to delay sentencing until another case has been brought to conclusion. Legal experts believe the outcome of Manafort’s other trail could perhaps influence the sentencing in this case.

There is one more session scheduled for this case on Wednesday. Once that concludes, we expect a redacted transcript to be published sometime towards the latter part of the week.

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