Man wrongly accused of murder by activist Shaun King commits suicide

Journalist and civil rights activist Shaun King pretends to be a social justice warrior, but he is just a bigot and a racist.

King openly accused Robert Cantrell, who is white, of murdering a 7-year-old black girl in July 2018, but he was wrong.

While not widely reported, we found out Cantrell, who was in jail since December on evasion and robbery charges, hung himself on July 23.

Got the Wrong Guy

When 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes was shot and killed, everyone wanted justice. However, most of us wanted to make sure justice was handed out to the right person.

Shaun King wanted that justice handed down to a white person, damn the facts. When the girl’s mother, LaPorsha Washington, alleged the shooter was white, it was all King needed to start a personal witch hunt for the killer.

King even offered up $100k of his own money for information on the shooter. When Cantrell was arrested shortly after Jazmine’s murder, King tried to pin the murder on him.

He also stated that Cantrell was both “violent” and a “racist.” As it turned out, Jazmine’s killers were actually black. On January 6, 2019, both Eric Black and Larry Woodruffe were arrested for the little girl’s murder.

Deleting History

After the arrests were made, there was no apology to Cantrell from King. He simply deleted the post. This is what King does.

He wrongly accuses white people without repercussion then simply deletes his social media posts as though nothing ever happened.

He did the same thing to a Texas state trooper in May 2018. Sherita Dixon-Cole alleged she had been sexually assaulted by the trooper during a traffic stop.

King blasted the officer on social media and ruined his reputation. Several days later, the bodycam footage was released, proving Dixon-Cole made up the entire incident.

Just as he did in the Barnes murder, King made no apology, just deleted it and acted like it never happened.

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