Man with metal pole targets Jared Kushner at Trump Hotel

The insanity continues…

Early Sunday morning, a reportedly deranged man showed up at Trump Tower with the intention on doing harm to Jared Kushner.

The Threat

The alleged madman, Matthew Pilling, first showed up at Trump Hotel and Tower early Sunday morning.

He was removed from the building by Trump Tower security.

A couple of hours later, Pilling returned.

This time, though, he had a large metal pole and a purpose.

According to the local police, Pilling wanted to attack Jared Kushner.

Police discovered his intent through a note they found on his person.

In addition to wanting to harm Kushner, the note also indicating Pilling was going to jump off the roof of the building if he was successful in attacking Kushner.

Kushner is the husband of Trump’s daughter and adviser, Ivanka.

Mr. Kushner himself serves as an advisor to the president.

Not the First Time

In addition to the President, several members of his family have found themselves at the center of plots to do them harm.

During the primary, a man rushed the stage to attack Trump.

Luckily, Secret Service put the threat down before he was actually able to get close enough to Trump to do harm.

Earlier this year, a hoax letter was mailed to Donald Trump, Jr. containing a white powder.

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Of note, this latest attack happened only days after a Hillary insider, Philippe Reines, named Kushner, among others, as being part of a “diseased clan.”

Is this the result of that or just a crazy liberal acting on his own?

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