Man suspected of killing George H.W. Bush’s doctor kills self during police standoff

The mystery of why George H. W. Bush’s doctor was assassinated has finally been solved.

On Friday, the main suspect, Joseph Pappas, committed suicide as police closed in on him.

Turned In

Early Friday, a witness that had spotted Pappas notified police.

The witness had also found a wallet with Pappas’ ID.

It was unclear if Pappas left the wallet behind to be identified or if he accidentally lost it.

An officer soon arrived on the scene, only to find Pappas wearing body armor for protection.

More officers were then called in for backup.

As the officers moved in to apprehend him, police say Pappas shot himself in the head.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo believes the additional officers prevented what could have ended up being a shootout.

Acevedo stated, “You don’t wear body armor when you’re thinking of suicide.”

Hit List

Dr. Hausknecht appears to have been only the first member on a list of potential hits to be carried out by Pappas.

Acevedo stated they had recovered a list including several other members of the Texas Medical Center staff.

He also recovered an extensive file on Hausknecht that Pappas had kept prior to carrying out the hit.


After investigating Pappas, police believe they finally uncovered the reason Pappas killed the Doctor.

Pappas’ mother died on an operating table more than two decades ago.

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The surgeon working on her was Hausknecht.

Pappas also seemed to realize his days were numbered, as he was apparently putting his affairs in order in the days after the assassination was carried out.

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